Goal in life

One of the important days in everybody’s life is setting is a goal, for a person to succeed in life he/she needs a variety of things. One of them is having a goal in life.

The demand that a person considers for his future and moves toward it to make a fate for itself that comes with happiness and prosperity, this is a goal. Not having a goal in life causes feelings of emptiness and confusion and even, in my opinion, life without purpose is like moving ships that have not set a destination for themselves. 

Sometimes simple and accessible goals do not help you have a life full of happiness and prosperity, because a person learns many lessons on the path to reach the goal. If the goal is accessible, then no effort is needed to achieve it. So you can not learn a lot of lessons on this path. It’s a good idea to write down your goals and write directions to them and with the slightest tolerance and thinking we can choose the best way.

The goals we choose for our lives, It’s better to be in our ability and the facilities we have, and we need to consider that we may fail on the way to reaching the goal. So from the moment, we set the goals we need to have the potential energy and put it at the forefront of our lives that every successful person has sometimes fallen. He/she has experienced many disappointments and has been resisting the problems he/she faced and lives happily and proudly today.

From my point of view, there are two types of goals in the life of every person. Goals can be permanent or temporary. For example, when we were the children, one of our goals was to taste all the ice cream in the world. We thought that if we could do this one day, we would have reached that goal and thousands of other goals seemed like we spent our childhood thinking of them. But none of those goals has been sustained, And now that we are passing through the years of adolescence, we can think right and determine the goals and capabilities of ourselves. We can determine how we can be a useful person for ourselves, our family and society in the future. Perhaps during our teenage years we will have a lot of goals for our future but the more we grow up, we may sometimes have to eliminate some of the goals by classifying their importance. And also permanent goals are goals that do not change. Even over time, you increase your efforts to achieve that goal, such as the goal for your life or your future career. For example, one of my goals in life is studying psychology at one of the best universities, and I certainly do my best to achieve this goal.

At the end of my article, I would like to say some words of successful people that we can make them a model and guide.

Great goals create great motives (Antoni Rabins)

We have to build our goal based on realities. (Ralf Waldo Emerson)

I do not let any situation despair me. Three things to achieve a worthwhile goal are work, endurance, and common sense. (Thomas Edison)

So, we conclude that the goal becomes valuable when it becomes an action, rather than a thought in the corners of the human mind.

Fatime Sedaghat