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How do I describe you?

There are many ways to describe what a teacher does, but all teachers have just one vision: to ensure that their pupils turn out better than them. 

Mrs Petrochilou, everything I say here stems from you and is for you.  You are like a drop of dew on a tiny branch, wanting to impart your knowledge to your students.  You have been to us like a mother to her children.  Even though I don’t like literature and history, your faultless teaching made me love both you and your subjects.

I know that the majority of pupils taunted you during your lessons but you are so patient and kind that you forgave them.  Even when something we did annoyed you, you would help us instead of getting angry, so that we would learn life’s lesson well.

What I remember of you is your love for your pupils, the way you would explain the lesson so that we could understand it properly, and all the questions and answers during class.  I remember your advice for today so that we could have a better tomorrow, and how you taught us to think practically about the realities of life.

You would bring us to the front of the class to help us learn your mother tongue.  Daily repetition meant daily improvement.  You taught me to strive for my dreams, to forgive because everyone makes mistakes, to smile so that people smile back.  Not to give up because I was born to negotiate the darkness in order to reach the light that is life.  To understand others, so that they can understand me.

Thank you for everything that you have taught me.  I appreciate the fact that you light my soul, like an inextinguishable candle.  Words cannot describe how much I value the extent of your love for us.  I would very much like to be like you not only in words and deeds, but in every way!

Zahra Habibi

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