Artwork by Omar A.

Generation Z: Well, their only problem is…older generations!

When I started writing about my generation, which is known as Gen Z or Post-Millenials, I thought it would be easy. But there are just so many good things about my generation that make it hard to keep track of everything! 🙂

The fact is that even with all the world’s problems like climate change and war, we still find ways to have fun. I remember when my city was a war zone, my friends and I still managed to find a safe place to hang out. And yes, it was dangerous.

We are also one of the luckiest generations. We have the Internet. Even though most older generations don’t like it, it makes my generation one of the most educated ever, simply because we have the world’s information at the tips of our fingers.

We see more activists than ever before, and then we see them as young leaders who make the world a better place. We get into arguments about politics and prove politicians wrong. And we show them what’s right. We march to war with no weapons, bare chested, holding a flower! That is how my generation is making revolution and winning the war against careless governments. We know what is happening. We stand side by side in peaceful protest and we raise our voices against greedy politicians, demanding they do the right thing. We like to joke a lot too. That’s why memes are a big part of our generation’s method of communication – Area 51 ahem ahem.

And the main difficulty that my generation faces is older generations! No matter what we do, it’s not enough for them. They don’t like what we do and they think that they are the ones who are always right. They don’t expect us to change the old way of life or “what they want life to be like”. And we “are so lucky, because they made life easier for us”. 😀 They are right in some way… They did make the sun hotter, so that we can tan easier! That doesn’t apply to all of course… In any case, it’s just my opinion. 🙂

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