In the wake of the quarantine

Someone please hug me when all this is over! – Neda Y.

What really helped me during quarantine days was my imagination. If you have a vivid imagination, you can imagine anything you like, and then you can actually make it happen. During quarantine, I travelled in my mind. No suitcase necessary, I just closed my eyes and set off for the mountains or the forest. Boost your imagination! One day you will find it useful.   – Mahdia Hossaini 

Humanity fought united against coronavirus. I hope that we will all come together as one race and the world will become a better place! – Kim

Solidarity is the only key that can unlock a problem, even in the most difficult conditions. – Parwana Amiri

Show maturity. Look after the homeless as well as yourself. Don’t be racist towards any skin colour. Don’t hug or kiss unless you have followed rules of personal hygiene. Spend time with your family. Have a healthy life after Covid-19! 💜💚  – Ihtisham Khan

It’s difficult wearing a mask and glasses at the same time! – Mohamad Alrifai 

I wished for a zombie apocalypse! Not this coronavirus! – Mortaza Rahimi

Carry on washing your hands, even after this is over! – Omar A.

Migratory Birds

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