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A woman has rights

Feminism has nothing to do with the superiority of women or the hate of women towards men. Feminism is about gender equality and people’s belief in gender equality. In countries where women’s rights are violated, women should not tolerate it. They must fight it until they have the same rights as men. 

Nowadays most forms of violation of women’s rights have been eliminated in many countries, yet they must be completely eliminated in all countries, not only for women themselves, but also for society as a whole. 

Feminism is a very silly word as believing in gender equality – because that’s what feminism is – shouldn’t be strange. It should be something normal, something that has existed and exists and will continue to exist in the everyday life of people on earth. For example, one would not come out and say “I am anti-racist”. It’s a given that you are, so why would the word feminism exist? But it does exist and that should make us think… Are we not equal after all? Is the road to equality longer than we think? 

The violation of women’s rights has existed since ancient times. Specifically, since the time of the plough. Why has there been a violation of women’s rights from so long ago? According to prehistory, in the early years there was matriarchy, as women gave birth, were responsible for the house, the household, the upbringing of children, etc. Patriarchy began to exist when the plough was invented and people began to believe that since men were stronger, they were the leaders. 

Gender equality must be part of our everyday life. We all need to support gender equality, women and men. Being a man and being a feminist is not a bad thing. You just have to be a decent human being. Can you? 

Anna Loloni

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