pexels/ Nataliya Vaitkevich

The two sides of change

Change is sometimes difficult for some and easy for others. It depends on many things.

The first is when someone finds it hard to leave their old school, the friends and teachers who love them and they love them too, the activities they do. He is afraid, for example, that there will be no football, volleyball, etc. at the new school he is going to.

Let’s move on to the other case. For this person the change is easier and he is happy that it will happen because there are several reasons such as the teachers are strict with him, he has no friends around him and he is being bullied. Sometimes there may be another reason such as he is being physically abused by his classmates and this creates psychological trauma so he would rather go to another school.

The change of school can be in or out of the country. Sometimes when it is out of the country our lives change completely and not just the school. But I will stop here.

I think that with these sentences I have chosen to put in this article I have written down the new ideas I have.

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