It was a day like all the others.
A day that no one expected anything to go wrong.
With confidence in society and its great works, innocent young people who have always believed that they will have a bright future, continue their way.
A future where the only problem it had was the books and the studies.
Obstacles that could be solved with perseverance and will.
In their world a calming blue dominated, the blue of a tranquil sea and sky.
The green colour of relief and the light purple colour of peace.
The sound of birds and the many colours was another feeling.
A feeling that only happiness could cause.


Shouts and tears could be heard from everywhere.
Hearts were beating and tears were flowing faster than an eagle that already had its eye on its next victim.
There was only pain, misery, sadness, death.
Yes… that would be an appropriate word to describe non-existence.
Black and red dominate everywhere.
The leaves of the trees were all red.
The green, the blue, the light purple had all disappeared.
The future had disappeared.
The daylight had disappeared.
Lining the emotions nor the help that anyone would offer was not enough.
Only the letter “P” existed in those innocent little doves.
Past and present.
Nothing is enough. That’s the tragedy.
Red… Black…
Present… Past…

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