The birth of a newspaper

In the 7th issue of the newspaper «Migratory Birds» our concerns are intensifying, events flow on, and the Young Journalists are writing about them in the hope that they will create food for thought for every reader.

We were so happy to be woken at 6am.  We were due to meet at Larissa Station at 7 and the whole team was on time.  The bus was already there, waiting for us; we boarded and set off for Koropi, just outside Athens. Where were we headed?  To where our articles are turned into pen and paper, naturally.  To the place where our written words, photographs and sketches are one step away from being printed thousands of times over in order to end up in the hands of our readers.  It was to be the moment when long-term queries would be answered and processes unknown to most people would be revealed to us.

We were both honoured and very moved by the warm welcome afforded to us by Mr Thomas Tsakalogyiannis, the Director of the printing house of “Kathimerines Ekdoseis SA” and by the guided tour that followed.  We witnessed every step of our newspaper’s journey from electronic form to tangible reality.  First, it turns into an aluminium plate and then a proper newspaper.

The machines are firing away on all cylinders and the first sheet appears before us.  We grab it in a flash and we are now holding it in our hands.  This is really it.  This is really our work.  This is really our newspaper, the one you are holding in your hands right now.

Sincere thanks to everyone at the printer’s that allowed us to «invade» them and fill the space with our questions and flash photography.  It was a unique and truly memorable experience for all of us.

Photos by Migratory Birds Team

Migratory Birds