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Our homeland is the human

Friendship. Hands held when we talk about friendship among humans; two notes of music harmoniously different when we talk about friendship among cultures; peace when we talk about friendship between peoples.

Friendship. July 30th is dedicated to friendship, a celebration that comes to warm not the bodies of humans, but their hearts. The 26th issue of the Migratory Birds is also dedicated to friendship, choosing to highlight tragedies such as the shipwreck of Pylos, which condemned to the darkness thousands of refugees and immigrants. It also chooses to talk about the discrimination and violence faced by the Greek Roma community and to give voice to the stories of refugees that try to fit experiences that will never fade away into a few lines.

The power of art will help in this effort of awareness and reflection. Through their own photographs, the children take us back to the Catastrophe of Smyrna and the other Greek- cities in Asia Minor. In a conversation between yesterday and today, they introduce us to the exhibition of the Chamber of Visual Arts of Greece “1922-2022 Exodus – Diexodus”.

The Earth is not a crossroads made for the machines of war to cross their destructive presence” writes the poet of the fellowship Nikiforos Vrettakos.

Α child’s dream is peace

A mother’s dream is peace

The words of love under the trees

It is peace.” Yannis Ritsos reminds us.

Or as little Hasan confides to us in his article «Peace is the happiest ending…» And we add: The best way to have Peace is to fight for it. To everyone who wants to separate peoples, we answer: «Our homeland is the human»¹.

¹ Lyric by the poet Nikiforos Vrettakos

Migratory Birds

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