We embrace diversity and build peace

The exciting journey of the 10th issue of “Migratory Birds” begins in tandem with the new school year.

The news reports, stories and poems that you will read in this newspaper, combine to create a real-life encyclopaedia, which is updated regularly and reappears every couple of months, ready for your use.

What we have before us is a “parallel school”, not only for our contributors but also for you, our readers. It is a powerful tool, which reminds us that a journalist’s mission involves something that isn’t always easy and doesn’t necessarily come naturally: to try to obtain an in-depth, true understanding of people outside one’s personal comfort zone, to communicate with an audience that isn’t restricted to readers in our own circle, and to embrace diversity and build peace together.

People can be taught to accept diversity. After all, that is one of the aims of our newspaper. We come face to face with stereotypes and difficulties on a daily basis, yet this is what gives us the strength to continue this vital work of ours.

The results are impressive, as are the gardens created outside the containers by residents in the refugee camp at Schisto, which you will read about in these pages. You will also read about expectation and love, a music festival for schools, and a unit of care for the elderly; about kindness that knows no bounds, the pain we feel in our damaged hearts, and the hope that was kindled inside us by a freedom fighter. All this, while three members of our team are busy preparing for the Eurochild Conference 2018, taking place in Croatia between October 29 and 31. 

Happy reading!

Photo by Migratory Birds Team

Migratory Birds