Drawing by Mahdi T.

Freedom belongs to everyone

I open the window and start to look outside. I see birds flying, a cat walking on the wall and a sparrow in search of food.  A man, tired of quarantine and staying at home, has taken his dog for a walk in order to enjoy being outdoors. His dog is proud and happy because his owner doesn’t consider him a burden like before.

Just the thought of quarantine for another month drives me crazy.  I hope it ends soon, otherwise apart from the other hospitals, we will also see the psychiatric ones filling up.

#bitter irony

These days that I am at home, I think more about what I have.  I used to feel bad about school.  I hated waking up early, brushing my teeth, gathering my belongings.

But now I miss school.  I miss those 45 minutes between home and school, running fast to catch the bus.

Can you believe it?  Out of habit, I still wake up early every morning, brush my teeth, wash my face…  then, suddenly…  I remember that schools are closed because of the coronavirus, but I am not disappointed.  I’m waiting for this dark nightmare to end.  But I promise to appreciate the things I have from now on.

#bright future

I was sitting alone in the yard.  A red pigeon flew onto the table and said

“Why are you silent and alone?”

“Hmm… I’m tired of being imprisoned because of the new virus”

“Oh, I understand.  But you do know that there are innocent prisoners in the city, who are sentenced to life behind bars?”


“If you go to the city’s zoo, you will see them.  There, the lion is not king, the bear is not strong, the monkey is not happy.”

He left, upset.  I watched him fly off and felt ashamed and guilty.  I realised that all creatures have the right to freedom.  


Mahdi Tajik

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