Sketch by Neda Y.

Looking back on quarantine days

I am looking back to our days in quarantine and the lessons we learnt from coronavirus. Our busy schedule, including school, language classes, social activities and jobs, stopped for most of us. For the first few days, it seemed like fun, but suddenly, social distancing became a problem.

Home was supposed to be our comfort zone, but we soon lost our sense of freedom and it was more like being in a cage, so we became disorientated. Use of technology increased and became vital for everyone, but it can never replace face-to-face communication.

We met our friends online, but as soon as the call ended, we were back in the same situation: bored, lonely and depressed. The point is not that technology created problems. Using social media like Facebook, Tiktok or Instagram is great, but none of these can have the same impact as live human interaction.

For example, studying online is very different to being in a classroom with your friends, in an educational atmosphere that helps you focus on your lesson and learn so much more. As one of my friends told me, he never thought the day would come when he would miss school, but yes, it happened. When you compare the two methods, you realise that it is not only education that is so important, but also communication.

One of the positive lessons I learnt is that small things really matter. I have missed the guy who waves to me on my way to school, and the jokes that my language teacher makes.

I fully support technology that helps us so much. But as I counted the days until we were free again, and wishing to go out normally as before, I learnt how important socialising is.

Sketch by Neda Y.
Sketch by Neda Y.

Neda Yaqoobi

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