Highlights of 2019

What I will remember from 2019…

I will remember my first day at school. – Zahra Omrani

The moments I shared with the theatrical group of which I am a member – Dimitra Kaisidi

I will always remember my true friends. – Kim

I am thankful for adopting my kitten, Sophie. – Elias Sharifi

National elections in 2019 changed the Greek government, which changed the status of refugees. – Mahdia Hossaini

I showed progress in dancing to a song, with which I used to cry in the past. – Neda Y.

I was separated from my family and I was alone for a long time. – Saber Ansari

I was so happy that one of our members left… because he’s going to meet his family again. Finally! – Mortaza Rahimi

I will always remember my Greek friends! 😍 – Omar A.

I took the best student award and I finished school and entered my professional life. But 2019 was also hurting for me, because I lost my uncle. – Ihtisham Khan

What I will remember from 2019 is in which way and how much we can change because of some experiences – Marianna Spiliotaki

The best moment of 2019 was when I came to my first editorial meeting of “Migratory Birds”. – Sabrina Hatzi

Migratory Birds