Artwork by Mahbube Ebrahimi

How writing changed my life

When I was in the 3rd or 4th grade, I didn’t have any friends. Οr let’s say, I had no friends at all throughout my childhood.

But there was a big difference between the period before I started school and after I started school, where I learnt to read and write. My life totally changed. I was writing a lot and I was not feeling lonely any more. So I wanted to be more on my own, in order to write more.

About what? About anything two friends discuss, about how I imagine a better world or about the way people should live together.

Over that same period, I was also reading lots of books, but I was not always able to understand the writers’ messages. Later, after I started writing myself, I was able to gradually understand them somehow.

With every book I was reading, I was living in another world! This changed my way of thinking and the way I live by a lot.

So since that period these two, reading and writing, are my best friends forever…

Mahbube Ebrahimi