Cover Art by Sediqi Hafeezullah

It could be anyone. It could be you.

“What is the point of continuing my education in a country, if I’m in danger of being deported when I become an adult?”, said a member of our team during a conversation about the cases of children refugees that receive negative answers to their asylum claims.

Refugees have rights, like everyone else. Some of those rights are the right to life and security, equal access to education, the ability to participate in decision-making and the right to dream and claim what is best for them.

They are people who were forced to flee their country in order to live in safety. It was not their choice. And as shown recently in Europe, anyone can be in this position overnight. The western world has shown great concern and sensitivity for these people. And this is what we expect them to do for all refugees without exception.

On the occasion of World Refugee Day on June 20, we dedicate our 24th issue to people on the move in search of a better life. We describe the experiences and hardships of refugees, asylum seekers and unaccompanied children. We also write about gender-based violence, discrimination against non-binary individuals, and a major effort being made in Africa against climate change.

Because we dream of a fairer world and we are here to claim it!

Migratory Birds

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