One of the enduring problems of our society is the oppression of women created by gender inequality. 

Gender equality is non-existent. Women cannot have a job while raising children. They are forced to find alternative ways of working or childcare during the hours they are away at work, as few men help raise the children. 

Equally important is the education of children at school. A common phenomenon, which we all experienced in our childhood, is the different treatment of boys and girls by adults. The well-known phrase ” which strong boys will help us” sets a bad example to children, as they will consider girls to be the weaker sex, with the consequence that girls from an early age will have a lack of self-confidence. 

Of course, we must not leave out the violence against women. Too many women have been victims of domestic violence by their husbands, with the most extreme example the femicides. On the other hand, on the street there is danger everywhere. A woman after nine in the evening is afraid to go out alone. Besides, she needs to be careful what she wears so as not to “attract attention” and end up suffering something worse. At this point, the sexual harassment that a woman faces on the street as well as at work needs to be highlighted.  

In conclusion, society oppresses women because of gender inequality, resulting in their feelings being diminished and trampled upon. 

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