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Learning about India!

In this mini podcast migratory birds share with us interesting information about India.


Angelina: Namaste, everyone. Today, our topic will be about India. We will get more in depth about their culture, food and natural beauties. Today, Chicam, Mariam, and Melida, Noor and Ahmad will be joining us.

Noor: India is a country located in South Asia and it’s the seventh and most popular country in the world. Its best known for its culture, food and traditions.

Melida: Religion, colors and clothes. Taj Mahal, which is the 6th wonder of the world and it’s famous for the language of love, located in Agra, India.

Mariam: Equally important, Indians are more supportive to other religions and has no official religion. But more than 80% of Indies are Hindu.

Chicam: For thousands of years, since the Hindu religion first evolution and respect for animals, life has been an important part of the Indian belief. In particular, as animals are considered a god and cannot be harmed. In addition, 56 foods come from different dishes from all over India

Ahmad: Hello everyone. It’s Ahmad again. And all the things about India that we have heard again we have more information about India. It’s a beautiful and unique country with the different foods we have a plate of food that is scattered 56 different food and we have it in one plate and this was the information about today.

All together : Namaste. Namaste.


Migratory Birds

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