Photo by Migratory Birds Team


Wandering around this city 

I’m thinking to leave 

Where? I don’t know 

Is there anyone to show me the way? 

To understand me? To find me? Is there anyone? 

I am lost in my thoughts… wet and dusty thoughts… 

it is annoying…

Take me out from the crowd of my thoughts 

Lights are flashing far away 

The way of my thoughts is long

I want to pass it quickly… 

They all attacked me, I want to ignore them and just pass 

But? Is it possible? Some hold my hand, some hold my legs, one hugs me

Some are chasing me all the time …. I cannot delete my memories 

Help! Help!

Photo by Migratory Birds Team
Photo by Migratory Birds Team

Mahdiah Hossaini