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The good of peace

My name is Giovanni, I am half Egyptian, half Italian and I have been living in Greece for nine years. I feel lucky to live in a country where there is peace.

Peace for me is a person not being afraid for their future, not being in danger of being badly injured or dying for themselves and their family.

Also, peace to me is for all people to have food, water and to live happily.

Still every child should have the right to go to school, to be well educated, to do things they like and to be able to have a future. To achieve their dream. In a country of peace, people can become better in their daily lives.

Peace is for every person to live in their country happily with their children and parents, without having to go to another country to have a future.

May the whole world live in peace and may no one have to ever live in war again.

Jouvany G.

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