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Humanity… a word wounded by horrible truth of war

Humanity. What is humanity? A word that is forgotten during wartime. Humanity is when we pray or cry for people we have never seen or met, strangers to us. We wish that they could live a life without fear. Life is precious. No one should live in fear, not even for one second.

We see the countries of the world supporting the state of Israel and in this way making the situation worse for the people in Gaza. At the same time, they distribute through Media fake news and misinform the world.

Social Media’s alleged freedom, on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram, is collapsing as we see posts defending Palestinian People’s right to live being banned or accounts being deleted. Also, videos in support of Israel’s State have taken over YouTube, trying to manipulate public opinion.

We see many people that care and protest in order to support the Palestinian People. On the other hand, we see people who think that what is happening in Gaza is none of their business because Palestinians have another religion. Those people should look at the example of people who believe in another god or are in another country but nevertheless support Palestinian people because they believe in humanity. Because they care about the lives of others. They are not like those who do not care about the lives of thousands of children. I want to tell those people that thousands of children get killed in Gaza. They don’t have basic supplies, like water, food, electricity, fuel, or medical care. They can not dream and live a normal life. Every second they are in fear for them and their families.

Which moment is going to be their last moment? At which moment are they not going to be alive anymore?

How horrible it is not to find the body parts of your child, your brother, your parent, your friend. Many times, you can’t even recognize your own people and while being alive you regret you didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.

The power of the Palestinian people can be seen in their strength that does not fade away even in moments of genocide. It is the strength of hope that one day they will finally be free. Free Palestine.

Noor F. S.

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