Migratory Birds, The Acropolis Museum
Photo by Ahmad Yama Fayez

Walking in history!

On a beautiful rainy day last December, our team visited the Acropolis Museum. This visit was interesting for all members of the team from the very beginning.

You could see a very large space and visitors from all over the world in every corner of the museum, speaking different languages, expressing their excitement for the large sculptures, while these waves of sounds created a beautiful symphony.

Not only the main space was full of antiquities, but even under our feet, there was a city from a thousand years ago. We walked on the glass floor seeing the underground city and wherever you turned your head, there was something to amaze you.

It is better not to tell you anything about the world of colours, because I cannot describe their beauty in words. What can be said was the attention to detail regarding the statues’ clothes, make-up, hairdressing and even the curvature and posture and height of their limbs.

It was very difficult for me to control my hands, which were moving at every moment to touch history, so much that I asked the guide if it was possible to touch these antiquities or not! Because I felt that if touching them, a magic light would throw power on me immediately. But unfortunately, I did not get a positive answer. The guide told me that I could touch them only with my eyes and not with my hands! Her answer made me think and made me look at history more carefully.

This was the story of our rainy day in Athens that passed by walking in history!

Photos by Ahmad Yama Fayez

Mahdiah Hossaini

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