Photo by Safa Alfagih

A world of enchanting nature

It’s true, nature is beautiful and amazing. Do you know that there is a law in nature? Maybe you do, but I will tell you anyway. The law of nature is instinct.

Under the light of instinct, we feel the value of life and breathe in the fragrance of its nectar. We breathe in existence, sailing on a boat that takes us to distant shores and brings us back to ourselves with amazement. We do not realize this amazement until we forget ourselves.

Our surprise walk in Ano Poli of Thessaloniki was an opportunity to relax and enjoy picturesque views of the neighborhood, feel the air and the warm sun.

Despite knowing the weather was going to be very warm, which hardly provides any comfort or luxury, it was a walk to take photographs and see how quiet the neighborhoods of Greece are in the summer. In other words, it was a walk that made us feel safe and comfortable. I feel constantly amused by nature’s naive beauty and I feel I have to protect it!

Here are some of the photos that we took during our walk:

Safa Alfagih