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If only I could go back to my childhood

Living with family is a special feeling and it is impossible to feel that way without them.

When we live with our family, father, mother, sister, brother, it feels like no sorrow can overcome us. When we open our eyes every morning and see the smiling faces of our parents it seems that all the joys of the world combined.

A memory I will never forget is my brother and sister jokingly waking me up in the morning on holidays. But when you live far away from your family then you realize how a difficult life is.

Will those days come back? Can we eat again together under the same roof? Will those days come back again when my father used to leave for work, my mother was very busy with household chores and my brother and sister used to go out and play until the evening. That is when my father would come back from a tiring day at work and my mom would be tired from the chores, but in the end, we would sit all together and eat.

It was like all the tiredness, troubles and sorrows were wiped out from our minds. Now I don’t ask anything from God. Not money, not a home, not a motorbike. All I would ask from God would be to send me back to my childhood when we enjoyed grandmas stories every night and we were happy all together. Now my parents are not here to tell me during difficult times «Μy son don’t worry we are here». Like the time when I fell down and my brother and sister helped me get up and were very careful not to let anything bad happen to me.

I miss those days and now that I’m older I believe that a young age is meaningless without a family.

What kind of upbringing did I have since I had to leave my family behind at the young age. I could see but not have, run but not reach, be on the move but stay still.

We are the generation that will say «Where did young age go? ».

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