Meeting Greek culture on Sundays – fundays!

In this mini podcast «Sundaysfundays», Siddik and Vicky explain why they love Sundays. Spending time with friends or staying at home is one option. Also, it’s an opportunity to meet with Greek culture.

Vicky: Hi, my name is Vicky and I’m here with Siddik. We are from Migratory Birds and we’re going to talk about how we spend our Sundays fundays. So, how I spend my Sunday depends on my mood. I prefer, if I’m tired, staying at home and relaxing, watching series or reading a book all by myself. And at night I like going out, spending time with my friends or family. On the other hand, if I feel that I have a lot of energy, I’m super productive. I’m trying to do a lot of things, like getting rid of my responsibilities. For example, reading for my master’s degree or cleaning the house. And when I’m done with this, I’m spending all day out of the house with friends. So, this is how I’m spending my Sundays and let’s hear you, now, Siddik.

Siddik: Hi, I’m Siddiq. I’m from Bangladesh and we are also from Migratory Birds. And now I’m gonna say to you how I spend my Sunday. So now I’m starting going to school this month, and as a student, I really like to spend my day on Sunday because you know, Monday to Friday I must go to school. And Sunday is very important for me and this day I enjoy myself. Like I don’t need to go to school, and I don’t need to wake up at 7:00. And it’s a very nice day for me. And this day I meet with my friends and meet with new people. You know, I enjoy myself with them, and we always go together on Sunday at the beach point, we enjoy each other, and we make some fun. And at night, sometimes we also going afternoon, we go in Athens to have some commonplaces, Monasteries, Syntagma and Acropolis. But Acropolis is a good place there. We always see a lot of tourists and a lot of people from other cultures; they’re doing many stuffs there. And I really like it. And the most important thing is because I’m living in Greece like for eight months and I don’t know about the Greek culture properly. But on Sunday I have some Greek friend, I always go with them for hang out. So, I learn the Greek culture on Sunday because I meet a new culture. And every Sunday I meet a new culture. This is very important for me because now I stay in Greece. It’s very important for me, if I’m stay in Greece, I must be learning Greek culture. So, on Sunday I always get this opportunity, that’s why I like Sunday.

Vicky: So, these were our stories about our Sundays fundays. Thank you for hearing us. And stay tuned for the upcoming podcasts.

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