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Still living in dark edges

One of the ironies of the early 21st century is that the struggle for equality between and within nations has intensified. We have witnessed numerous achievements but unfortunately, we have come across a devastating “misplacement”, which is THE MISINTERPRETATION OF EQUALITY.

This has caused dramatic complexity, both ideological and in the application. Our understanding of equality is inseparably connected to phrases such as “my community is not appreciated” or “my rights have been violated” and we strive only for certain movements which act individualistically. And yet we live in those dark edges with our legs crossed. I strongly believe that the world can be a better place if we address injustice in general, rather than applying separate identities that categorize humans, such as the so-called third world.

Together we can be a roar of justice for those whose voices are muted. An action of unity for those whose rights are violated. A march of resistance in support of the people whose lands are occupied forcefully. A sign of welcome and a wide hug of acceptance to all refugees who survived the war and are still racially labelled and discriminated against. A spark of hope for all humanity and a flame of destruction against evil hypocrisy and corrupt system.

Sediqi Hafeezullah

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