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A Journey to the Unknown… 

Illegal migration is a journey to the unknown that cannot be predicted. From the very beginning, immigrants face the potential of being caught by guards, either from the country they’re coming from, or the country they are going to.

Therefore, a migrant risk being accountable to the authorities, facing imprisonment and confronting an unknown fate. And that is because they are completely ignorant of the dangers they may face on the way, whether transiting through the land or the sea, while ignoring their fate there as well.

Illegal migration has various reasons and motives. Usually, one is driven to that choice because they are looking for a better future and searching for opportunities to succeed in their life. It is possible that this attempt will succeed, but it is also possible that it will fail miserably and lead to terrible consequences.

Among the motives that constitute the reason for youth migration from their country through illegal means, is the bad economy of the country they already live in, as there is not enough money and suitable work for a decent living. Furthermore, the chances of success in these countries are very low due to the wars and instability that prevails. Thus, many young people are searching for better opportunities for a safe and comfortable life. A lot of young people abandon their families and countries in order to live in safety and stability.

I hope that peace will prevail throughout the world and that every expatriate will return to their country. I hope that no one abandon their family and their country for a better life ever again…

Peace is the happier ending …

Hasan Alsuwidan

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