Like humans, animals have rights too!

Our world is developing rapidly and everything is changing. We have made significant progress in scientific fields such as mathematics and physics, robotics and technology. We have also made big progress in the humanities, such as women’s rights, children’s rights and social justice. Although we have reached a good level in these areas, we are still behind or even awful in some cases. One of these areas is that of animal rights.

Unfortunately, we are not so good at supporting animals and we also don’t have enough rules to save them. We all like hanging out with our friends, we like playing, we like running, eating, enjoying life and we all like living peacefully. And these are our rights, but we must consider that animals have the same rights as we do. They are part of this planet and they can live here.

Around the world, there are thousands of zoos. The owners of these places keep a lot of animals inside cages in terrible conditions. They do not have proper and enough food, so many of the animals suffer from hunger. Every day hundreds of visitors come to see these innocent animals. Some of them might harass them and some make fun of them. These poor animals have to endure a lot of stress in these places and most them become sick and lose their life after some time.

In addition, the sanitary ware industry is one of the deadliest for animals. In this industry, factories test their products on animals. These products are made of chemicals and most of them are toxic. So many animals are affected by these chemicals and die because of the side-effects.

Furthermore, many animals, such as elephants and foxes, are killed for their furs, bones, tusks and horns. In some countries they breed foxes and crocodiles and feed them a lot. They overfeed them in order to have more fur and skin. Finland, for example, is the largest producer of fox fur in Europe. Annually, 2.5 million foxes are raised in about 800 fur farms and then killed for the global fur trade. So next time you want to buy a leather bag or a fur jacket, you can consider that an animal dies for it.

These are just a few of the things we do to animals. And despite these, there are still some people who do not approve of animal rights. And I would say just imagine yourself instead of them. I am sure no one wants to be in their position. We are the smartest species on Earth, so we have responsibility to protect other species. We have to be more kind and better to the animals. We should respect them and remember that their lives are as valuable as ours. This way, we can create a beautiful world for us, our families and animals.

Mahdi Tajik

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