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An unexpectedly awesome summer away from my country

Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons for me and I can’t wait for it every year. After a whole year of studying, it is finally time to have fun with my friends and family! Summer for me is all about fun and recreation. Every year, at this time my brothers and I argue about where we will spend our holidays. Some prefer to visit a city by the seaside, but I always preferred my village, as there I can do various activities.

Unfortunately, this year I cannot fight with my siblings about where to go, because I am in another country with new people. I never imagined I would be here. It is very beautiful. I learn a lot of things here and I find joy and comfort. Even though I am here without my family, I have started feeling comfortable, as I did back in my country.

Now I am in a very beautiful village of Larissa, Greece, which is called Kokkino Nero and it is by the sea. This place is quite famous for its natural resources and more specifically for its red water which is beneficial for the body and can be the cure for several diseases! Its ideal location attracts a large number of tourists every year from several countries, such as Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. There are some very nice hotels with a very interesting design. By the sea I have found some very cute restaurants with Italian cuisine and splendid seafood delicacies. Also, I will never forget the fantastic aftertaste of some Greek dishes.

I have made many tours in this area and I found some amazing natural springs and beautiful landscapes. Of course, I should mention my favourite place which I always visit when I get bored: It is a small copper-coloured pond filled with reddish water. I feel like the stones that decorate the pond tell me a very interesting story. It looks like it was created many many years ago and it is a place of great natural beauty! There is also a nice river where I go for walks with my friends.

I think I would be able to talk forever about the beauty of Larissa and Athens. These cities have beautiful beaches, delicious food, many museums to visit and a bustling night life. I always get good vibes when I find myself in Athens or Larissa by night.

As a matter of fact, I must say that this summer is one of the best I ever had! It is still early on in the summer and I am sure there is a lot more to do and see. I am sure that even if I leave Greece soon, I will definitely come back here in the summer one day.

Photo by Anwar Ghoubari
Photo by Anwar Ghoubari

Anwar Ghoubari

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