In Iraq, the most wonderful time of the year is Summer

The most beautiful thing is to welcome the sunrise, which is full of hope and beauty. The sunrise knows people’s feelings, hopes, desires and everyone’s beautiful past, which is a part of life and a valuable treasure hidden in their memories, easier to recall them in their imagination.

A quiet oasis of hope comes with the clean air, blows within the full body of iodine water and the rays of the sun. Most people that love to go to the sea in the morning are Iraqi men and women. You will find them working out or swimming, spending many hours under the warm sun. We swim and sit down for coffee at the cafes, with a view of the sea.

In Iraq, during the summer, the markets are filled, apart from watermelons and melons, with many refreshing summer fruits and vegetables at low prices. Some summer activities, like swimming, football, wrestling, throwing rocks in the sea and climbing, are mostly preferred by men and they really enjoy them. Summer nights in Mosul attract those who want to have fun, listen to music and play games like weights, domino, chess and backgammon. These are the most beautiful evenings!

The magnificent River Tigris! Those who have sung and wrote poems about it have done so because they liked it and wanted to talk about it. It is a symbol of how pleased we are with all seasons of the year. But summer has its own taste, where swimming is pleasure, exercise, hoppy and games for children and men that do it in order to escape the summer heat.

Many choose ecotourism, around the Rivers Tigris and Euphrates, like North Iraq which is full of waterfalls, mountains and summer resorts, as well as in Iraq’s swamps. Summer resorts of Erbil are some of the most beautiful areas of Iraq and many tourists visit them during summer, just like summer resorts of Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk. Instead, in the swamps of Iraq, tourists prefer to go during the winter period, because it is warmer at that time. The most important swamps are Hammar and Al-Hawizeh Marsh.

There are, lastly, wonderful touristic areas around lakes like lake Habbaniyah and lake Al-Razzaza. They attract visitors not only during summer but all year round. Visitors enjoy the landscape and Iraq’s nature!

Mohammed Tayb

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