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Our personal status defines us?

Why do people believe that members of low-status ethnicities should be limited to low-status jobs or enslavement? The racism is around us, we are born into it. We should all have equal rights and not be discriminated for our race. There are no reasons or excuses for racism.

To start with, individuals that receive discrimination for their ethnicity can lead to feeling sadness or depression for being left out. Nobody can deny that exclusion from the society is not something a person would desire. As a consequence, it may result in having a little or no trust in anybody apart from family.

Racism is an ideology that either outright says or insinuates that one group is better than the other. However, it can also be more deeply ingrained in attitudes, values and stereotypical views. It can be overly shown in racist jokes and slurs or hate crimes. Racism affects people on many levels, including the personal one and the social one. To exemplify, an immigrant may feel unsafe due to a constant fear of being verbally or physically attacked.

To conclude, I believe that every person should be equal and not discriminated for their ethnicity. It could be any of us. So, why should they be excluded from access to political rights, economic resources and unrestricted civil rights?

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