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Don’t discriminate… accept!

A woman has the right, to dress however she wants without the fear of getting sexualized.

A woman has the right to decide that she does not want to have kids without getting criticized.

A woman has the right to getting payed the same salary while doing the same work.

I am commenting today on one of the most important topics of our society; sexism.

The sub-topics of my article are going to be equality, woman rights, all over the world and the changes that our society has to make to reach the goal of an equal and accepting society.

At first we have to take a look on the current situation in our society of Europe which is constantly changing and improving, due to feministic activists, but still far away from equality.

Women have the right to vote, they have the right to work wherever they want and they have the right to get the same education as everybody else. Compared to one or two centuries ago the taken steps are extremely huge. Nevertheless women are fighting for their rights everyday. Related to the law men and women are equal, but everyday women get discriminated, suffering from violence and sexual abuse or even get killed. We have to make sure, that women are recognised as equal part of our society because that’s what they are. A society shouldn’t see the people as males and females, they should see them as human.

The road is really long. If about half of society is constantly suffering under male-friendly conditions – even though things have evolved over the last hundred years – then we need to change something. A lot of activists protest, which is nice to have awareness, but the real change has to come from the heart of the society.

As an example we talk about voting. Women can vote since just little bit more than a hundred years, but who can they vote? A lot of political parties have men in almost every leading position, therefore topics that mainly affect women are not present at all. So a big part of our society just don’t get represented equally, therefore what is the worth of the right itself? Women can apply in every job they want, but if they get raised up with stereotypes from the last decades their choice is just less free from a mindset of male and female jobs. Even if they get the job that they want, nobody makes sure that they get treated as equals.

Women get paid less than men for the same work because of discriminations. The gender-pay gap is one of the most all-showing examples of the daily suffering. But what are the steps we have to take to make the equality come true? The change of the society started but it’s not even half way completed. We have to forget about the stereotypes and what we have been taught since we grew up. We shouldn’t judge females of their actions if we don’t think their fitting in their ‘role’, because they don’t have to and there is none that they should fit in. They can live their life, decide their actions however they want without risking to getting judged, discriminated, abused or even killed. An equal society should care about those issues, provide help and in first place shouldn’t allow discrimination in any point.

The topic of feminism is way too huge and diverse to discuss in a small article like that, but the main message is clear. The goal is equality and everybody should do their work to reach this goal. Don’t discriminate, don’t hate, don’t judge and at the end…Accept!

Leander W.

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