"If we sing them for you" vinyl artwork

If we sing them for you | Our rights become songs!

Network for Children’s Rights is organising a campaign with a difference, involving the production of a vinyl record with the title “If we sing them for you | Our rights become songs!”.

This innovative vinyl is the outcome of a creative meeting between children of all ages, well-established Greek musicians, and artists. The Network for Children’s Rights undertook this initiative in order raise public awareness and involve children actively in the pursuit of their rights.

Artwork by STMTS

At the end of 2020, children of all ages, regardless of schoolyear group or ethnocultural background, were invited to write poems inspired by children’s rights, as part of a songwriting competition.

The chosen lyrics were put to music by artists – friends and supporters of the Network, who actively embraced the initiative and undertook to compose original music. Inspired by the innovative material, and by the vision and principles of the Network, illustrators and artists created an album cover for the vinyl in ten different versions.

Artwork by Iris Samartzi

The idea for the project was conceived by children’s author Antonis Papatheodoulou, a friend of the Network, who was concerned that the Convention on the Rights of the Child was not actually being implemented in practice and asked himself, “How can we make them more widely known? Maybe through a song? What if we sing them for you?”.

Artwork by Alexis Kyritsopoulos

This collectible vinyl will initially be available only through the campaign “If we sing them for you | Our rights become songs”. When the campaign is over, it will become available at the Network for Children’s Rights (12 Heiden Street, Victoria Square), while a special edition, accompanied by a cd and a book containing the lyrics, will be made available through Mikri Arktos Publishing House at select bookshops and points of sale.

Artwork by Myrto Delivoria
Artwork by Chara Marandidou

If you would like to support the campaign for the production of the vinyl record, please visit ddp.gr for more information.

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