Isolation (a hidden message)

Isolation, a secret, a silence

A secret of people who are silent

I’m talking of the dead

Isolation, a desire, a strength,

A desire to ask for God’s blessing

I’m talking of prayer

Isolation, a love, a kindness

A love, a request for God’s pure love

I’m talking of deep affection.

Isolation, a fragrance, a scent,

A fragrance from a flower that acts as a magnet

I’m talking of desire.

Isolation, an ache, a cut

Ache for distant family, a cut the colour of blood

I’m talking of separation.

Isolation, a happiness, a smile

Happy memories of good times that make me smile

I’m talking of parents, siblings, friends.

Isolation, a chapter of your life, a lesson.

A chapter full of regret and apologies for past mistakes.

I’m talking of overcoming one’s ego.

Isolation, a separation, a union

A separation from the past, a union with the present

I’m talking of time

Isolation, life, difficulties.

A life full of difficulties, and how to solve them.

I’m talking of hope

Isolation, you and I,

I am Khan, sitting in the dark, writing for you

I’m talking of love of isolation.

Ihtisham Khan

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