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“My Journey”

A group of us went to the presentation of “My journey”, a story created by the workshop entitled “Fairy-tale days- Creating my own story”.  We spoke with the team of people working at the Centre for the Child: Mr Dimitris Mimarakis who is in charge, Mrs Aggeliki Nakou, an educationalist, Mrs Ioanna Koutsouki, a nursery school teacher, and Mrs Stavroula Pentarvani, a psychologist.

“We decided that we wanted to do something different”, they explained, “There are so many children who enjoy reading stories, so we thought it would be a good idea for them to create their own.  Even the illustrations have been drawn by the children themselves.  When we explained our idea to the children, they showed a lot of interest.  They accepted our proposal and so we started”.

The project coordinators also revealed that “Most of all we liked the fact that the children were very cooperative and reliable and did whatever we asked.  It was such a pleasant experience that we would like to repeat it.”

Finally, the team explained that the meaning of the story is the children’s hope for the ideal migrant journey.  Everyone’s life consists of good and bad things, and both have to be faced positively and optimistically, so that things turn out well in the end.


The team from the Centre for the Child came up with the idea of the workshop, which was held at Patissia Single Entry Point, in collaboration with City of Athens Directorate for Social Solidarity and Health, in the context of the [email protected] project. The workshop also received funding from the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSi) (2014-2020).

Elias Sharifi

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