Photo by Alishba Rahimi

School Trip to Thessaloniki

Schools were far different in Afghanistan than in Europe. You had to wear uniforms and the teachers were so strict with the students. Υou could get beaten by the teachers for not doing your homework or if you failed any test. I assume that the teachers here in Europe are more like your friends. They don’t force you to fill up the notebooks and cram them. 

It wasn’t too long that we came to this school, the second highschool of Drapetsona. We were freshmen, so I was really touched when I heard that the school administration had decided to take me and my brother to Thessaloniki, along with the Greek students, on a four day trip. It was my first trip with school. I didn’t have any idea how it was going to be. Since I am a refugee, it was unexpected! My heart was bouncing with excitement.

I can’t say how happy I was back then as we were driving through the bustling city of Thessaloniki. I explored many beautiful and historical places, where I got acquainted with “Alexander the Great” and much more with Greece. The group of our friends translated everything they thought that it would interest us. We had Greek food and a lot of fun. We are grateful to our teachers from the bottom of our hearts for their care and attention. The excitement of the city inflamed me with a passion I had never known before and which I cannot explain to this day. 

After three fulfilling and extremely joyful days, on our way back to Athens, we also visited the small city of Veria. It was only for a short time but, in just a couple of hours, our teachers tried to give us a  tour of every beautiful place in the city. It was a small city with beautiful rivers and so much greenery, I was just wishing that these moments would last forever. 

Photos by Alishba Rahimi

Alishba Rahimi

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