Questions without answer

A letter to Reihana, a young refugee girl from Kara Tepe who speaks in the video about the living conditions in the camp and her dreams.

Hello my dear Reihana!

First of all, thank you that through your voice and the chance you had, you became the children’s voice in the camp of Kara Tepe. How nice were your words! You began with a smile and you ended up with tears. The sobbing of your voice is really familiar to me. It reminds me of myself. And i burst into tears when i speak about my life in the camp, even though many years have passed by since those days- when i think of them, i burst into tears and the tears stay in my eyes for a long time.

I know you are sleeping under the sound of the waves, because you are surrounded by sea. Promise me that you won’t go to the sea! Promise me that you will take care of you and your friends. I know that the sea waves are more wild during winter and are scaring you. I know that in the night you are shaking because of the cold. I know your feelings in this cursed camp. Don’t play with the cartridges and landmines that are left over from the past. I know that you have thousands of questions in your mind. I have a lot of questions, too. Why here? Why in the camp? Why me? Why immigration? You should know that nobody has an answer for your questions.

I don’t know who is responsible for the nightmares of the children in Kara Tepe. Maybe their parents that immigrated to find a better future for their children? The European Commission that constantly advertises the children’s rights? Or all the countries that declared an international day for children’s rights? Or anyone who could do something but they didn’t?

You should know that these days will pass by and only a memory will stay. You should know that you will get stronger when you get through all these. I can imagine this day that you will have achieved your goals. You are on stage singing a beautiful song for your audience, your words are heartbreaking and I am dazzled by your beautiful lyrics.

I know that you won’t forget the taste of the food in the camp, like rice or pasta. I know that when you eat your favourite food, you will remember these bland flavors and you will try so that no other children in the world have such experiences. Everything you learn in the course of your life will seem useful at some point and will make you a stronger person. I know, though, that the situation is difficult and, deep inside you, you will say “I don’t want to be strong!”. I know you want to have a normal life. As you also said- to go to school, play, read and meet your friends.

One day you will have all that and apart from these you will also have some unique experiences that the rest won’t have. So use your experience to face the difficulties and to cause a positive change for the world. Have courage. Follow your dreams and know that you deserve the best. You will succeed, as long as you want.

Mahdiah Hossaini

Young Journalists

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