Photo by Migratory Birds Team

Rain with sorrow

Lovers fall in love under the rain. Most people enjoy the smell of the rain and its freshness. Many people like to walk under the rain and some like to watch it behind their windows. Before coming here, I used to love the rain as well.  I used to like walking in the rain. It gave me a sense of peace like a sweet melodic tune, but in the current days the rain is annoying, it’s sound is so strident and doesn’t calm me anymore. 

Few months ago, we had tents at the refugee camp of Schisto. My tent was my only shelter in this world and I needed it in order to survive. I was praying for less rain so my tent would not be destroyed. 

When the rain starts, it hits my tent and the wind shakes it so strongly that I think it will be wiped out. When the rain hits the tent it makes a horrible sound which scares me to death.

When the rain gets stronger, I crumple up and press my knees to my arms and it keeps raining and raining. So much water flows on the ground that it starts entering the tent from every corner. People try to protect themselves, but there is no way to do so. 

The tent was so cold and the only blanket that could save me from cold was wet. At this time there was nothing we could do. We were just waiting with tears and sorrow for all this to stop. 

I remember these days so clearly. When the rain stops, everybody is looking for a way to get rid of all this, chaos prevails. Outside and all around the tent, there is only water and mud. It’s hard even to walk on it, but everybody is in a hurry to fix their tents again. Some people are standing with hopeless faces, their eyes are full of distress, without knowing what to do, because the storm has destroyed their tent. 

We have the same problem every time the rain starts and stops. The humanitarian organizations and the camp’s officials are trying to help and do something but everything is useless, and sometimes they make it even worse. They have given us plastic covers to put all over our tent but they haven’t noticed that the water flows on the ground and finds its way inside the tents. 

These days, my family, the people in the camp and myself feel alarmed and anxious every time it starts raining and you can see the panic in each other’s faces. After that, the rain brings sorrow and pain to our hearts.

Photo by Migratory Birds Team

Madinah Zafari