Artwork by Nima Javan

Together we can!

As a result of conflicts and wars, many people have left their homes to escape death in search of safety and security.

A refugee’s journey goes through many difficult stages until they reach the desired country. Depending on the paths they may take, they may lose a friend, be traumatized, or in many unfortunate cases, they may be in danger of losing their own life.

According to UNHCR, in 2022 there are more than 21.7 million refugees and more than 4.7 million asylum-seekers all around the world. Entire families have fled with their children and women, travelled hundreds of miles on foot and passed through many difficulties that accompany such trips, and whoever could not escape with their family, fled alone in the hope that when they arrive, they can bring their family to them one day.

For refugees, getting to Europe is just the beginning of many challenges, including language and cultural barriers and legal issues. A refugee who left everything they owned in their country and arrived in Europe, faces many challenges in order to start over building a life.

With the initiative of Athens Comics Library, the Refugee Week in Greece will discuss and shed light on the challenges refugees are going through in Greece. Refugee Week will take place on June 20-26th. Every year there is a different topic to shed light on. This year’s Refugee Week will be about “healing” and the ability to restart building refugees’ lives again. The schedule includes many activities, such as arts, cultural, sports and educational events, as well as media and creative campaigns.

The aim is to empower refugees to continue their valuable contributions. Together we can do it!

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Artwork by Nima Javan

Ramadan Alhaw

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