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We all have rights!

We should all enjoy the same rights, regardless of our race, colour or religion. This is one of the basic principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but is this basic principle observed in your community?

November 20th is International Children’s Rights Day, which is why we are dedicating the 19th issue of our newspaper to the subject.  We start by saluting all the children of the world, and hope that they live in a world full of joy, health, safety and peace, away from violence, war and poverty.

In this issue, our editorial team discusses the rights of children, in particular those of young refugees and migrants, which have been ignored, such as the right to education. You will read about this in “A Letter to the World from Ritsona Camp”. We let you know what life is like for unaccompanied minors, and we express our concern about illegal adoption all over the world. And because children do not remain children forever, we remind you of the importance of human rights in general by writing about the case of Zak Kostopoulos, the LGTBQI+ activist who was murdered in Athens.

In these pages, you will read about an exhibition of photographs taken by teenage refugees, photographs that will add a sparkle to your eyes, and we also show you how to find the road to happiness.

And we wish to declare right here, that we will continue to exercise our right to freedom of expression through this newspaper.

Mahdiah Hossaini

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