We stayed in the nest

During the past few months when everyone stayed at home, the Migratory Birds had to pause their journey and stay in their nest. We lived through something extraordinary: a pandemic that made us re-evaluate things we took for granted and recognise the importance of solidarity and team effort.

We did however ask ourselves what it was like for those without a home. When it was hard enough to follow basic hygiene rules before the pandemic, how can you take all those extra measures to protect yourself?

Quarantine kept us apart. This was in turn boring, stressful, and even creative since we discovered our various talents. We wrote, painted, cooked, and learnt a foreign language.  During this period we also improved our website, migratorybirds.gr, where you can now find all our newspaper’s back issues. We revived our web radio, Radio Dandelion, with a podcast in which we described what this period meant to us. 

Our team stayed in touch. We might have stayed in our nest, but we also remained active. We followed developments, and in this 18th issue we write about the things we saw that troubled us. We discuss the pandemic and the quarantine period, which taught us a lot, and its effect on communication and human relations. We show what this unusual situation was like for the children in the Safe Zone of the camp at Schisto. We examine 21st century racism, in the wake of the George Floyd affair and the movement “I can’t breathe”, and we describe our deep concerns over the housing of refugees here in Greece. We look at our generation, Generation Z, for whom technology is second nature, from our own perspective. We use this issue’s back page to send our own messages, inspired by the quarantine.

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