Why is socio-economic help important for children?

It is immensely important to be aware that income, education, employment, community safety and social support poses a significant effect on our ability to make healthy choices. And to measure  its effect we will subject this matter through one of the most vulnerable group in the world “children” and enlighten it regarding economical and social help.

Childhood is a critical period, they start their cycle of life completely dependent physically and mentally. Children with their body and brain not fully developed or sufficient enough are limited to  fill the gap of adulthood. Hence their insufficient being requisite guardian, to protect them against  any harm and furnish them with their special needs such as financial and material support, education, medical care, along with safe environment. However, grievously shortcoming in society such as poverty, hunger, war and conflict, poor health care, malnutrition, all disproportionately harm children, and puts hazard on their living standards which later compiles them to make challenging decisions. For such community, the policies of government have consequential impact on wellbeing of children and should take into account that protecting these members of society economically and socially is a major investment in the future wellbeing of earth.

On 20 November 1989, General Assembly of United Nations recognized that there is a critical need to protect children from such disturbances and deemed to consent that children’s not only entails human rights but more specifically stand in need of “(CRC) Children’s Rights Convention”. CRC binds the governments to a set of international accepted human right’s act that must be followed respectively. It is the most ratified human rights treaty and so far 196 countries are signatories to that convention.

Despite remarkable achievements of the century and great sign of progress in adopting and implementing the core principle of CRC, a key challenge stands still. That is a huge number of children and young people who lack of there rights. There are millions of children, who are deprived of their rights at this precise moment, and millions of children are compiled to work since choices for them are not optional. To exemplify, Omer, 16 years old war refugee, whom refuged to Greece in 2019 works in  olive field and often paints apartment. When acknowledged about his rights he nodded and said “ well, I like to enjoy my childhood too, I’m left with no choice but to work. Who wants to work under burning sun in the fields to collect tomatoes unless them and their families are left to starve. We don’t get supported enough, and the struggle to make our needs meet compile us to work hundreds of miles away from our family. ‘’

To conclude, I strongly believe that a society that does not  take care of its tomorrow, is doomed to become extinct in the future. Although it’s the government’s responsibility to RESPECT, PROTECT, and FULFILL these rights rather than an optional act of charity or kindness, we –as members of the society- should not absent our presence in acknowledging the truth and supporting these vulnerable human beings in any possible way, because great changes start within ourselves and our voices do count, do act and do matter.

Article 26/CRC: States Parties shall recognize for every child the right to benefit from social security, including social insurance, and shall take the necessary measures to achieve the full realization of this right in accordance with their national law.

Sediqi Hafeezullah

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