Young Citizens

It’s election fever at the Network for Children’s Rights. At an educational workshop at the Centre for the Child, a handful of young mayoral candidates learnt about the various systems of government and the election process, and then embarked on their personal election campaign by announcing their manifestos to a roomful of children at the Centre for the Child, located in the Municipal Health Clinic in Patisia. The informed young citizens of the Municipality of Athens then went to the polls and voted unanimously for the party with the best municipal programme. The other parties promised to renew their campaigns at the next elections in four years time.

*The idea of the workshop was conceived by the team that runs the Centre for the Child.  They are Dimitri Mimaraki, who is in charge of the programme, Stavroula Pentarvani, a child psychologist, and two teachers Aggeliki Nakou and Ioanna Koutsouki. The workshop took place at the Patissia Municipal Health Clinic, in conjunction with the Municipality of Athens, as part of the programme [email protected] – EaSi. It was partly funded by the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation EaSi (2014-20)

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