I want to be a part of this society

Athens, 22.06.2022

To Whom It May Concern,

I am Muhammad Ali Salman. I am 17 ½ years old. I was born in Pakistan and grew up in Kashmir. I was 6 years old when I became homeless as a result of my family’s many difficulties. Some dangerous people had become a threat to our lives. I am not safe in Pakistan, that is why I left my country. I need to be safe.

I faced many problems in Kashmir. Our father left and came to Greece. After that, my family found a smuggler to take me to Greece too. I endured hunger, thirst, and his abusive behavior. I couldn’t travel like this and I felt really sick. I also had to walk for days. I even got kidnapped in Turkey so that they could get more money and my mother had to send the extra money to free me. Two months later, I managed to reach Greece and find my father.

He was really sick and I tried to help him. But after a while, the police arrested me for being an illegal immigrant, and I went to jail for 4 months. Then, an organization from Thessaloniki helped me in every possible way. So, I moved there, started school and started learning Greek and English. In my first year in school, I tried my best, so I got really good grades and an award as student of the year. My main focus was to learn Greek so I tried really hard day and night. I also learned carpentry and how to sew clothes.

Then my father’s health condition got worse so I had to be transferred to Athens to support him in hospital. In Athens, I started 2nd grade in High School and I did my best to attend, even though things were very difficult for me. I speak 5 languages and I did a course for cultural mediators where I got a certificate. I want to use this certificate to help as many people as I can because I know what refugees are experiencing. I also joined computer classes and journalism workshops. In September, I will start 3rd grade of High School. Through these years, I have created many strong relationships here, meaning that I now have a lot of friends around me and teachers from the school who call me their son.

I want to live in Greece. I have created a life here and I want to have a future too. I want to be a part of this society and I need to feel safe and useful. I found people who have become my family and I don’t want to lose them. My goal is to finish school and study at university. I need asylum and I don’t want to feel fear anymore. The fear of deportation. Please help me to stay in Greece. I need your support.

Muhammad Ali Salman

Muhammad Ali Salman

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