Artwork by Alexandra Cosovan

The journey to Europe

It was an epic journey, a terrifying journey, a journey from a broken world towards the possibility of freedom. Along the way, I lost my mom and dad. I lost my hopes and dreams, my future, but along the way, I also found things to smile about.

I found out that I was stronger than I had ever imagined and that there is safety when you are not alone, when you are with other people, looking out for each other. I found that even in the darkest part of the life of a refugee, there is something that you can laugh about, sing and play with, and make ends meet from the small things you might find. I found that even when I thought my heart had frozen like a stone inside me, in fact, it was still beating, still caring, still loving life.

The things I had put into deep freeze were just waiting for me to be brave enough to claim them back. Love and life, both are gifts. You have to hold on tight to them. You cannot waste them. And no matter how hard things may be, there is always a golden opportunity waiting ahead of you.

And remember! If you are a refugee or asylum seeker, it was not your choice.

Artwork by Alexandra Cosovan

Andrew Quee

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