It’s time for our voices to be heard!

Little Amal, the 3,5 meter puppet doll, is a 9-year-old refugee from Syria that we met through THE WALK project, decided to collect letters of other children describing what change they would like to see in the world for refugee children. Amal delivers thousands of letters to the European Parliament and inside her bag there is also our group letter. We hope that all children’s voices will be finally heard!

Amal in Brussels with the letters to the European Parliament

I am a survivor of the war of Afghanistan. As I am writing this, my family is fighting for their lives in Afghanistan. I had asked many people (politicians) for help, sent a letter to the European Parliament, but never had a response. As decision makers you hear our voice but not listen to our words, you look but not see and most of the time give your words, but nothing can be done by those dead words, unless you take action.

So I hope this time I will be heard. I hope you help me rescue my family.



Some people were surprised by the size of Amal the doll, but she is so big, as the hope she conveys. Amal gives hope to unaccompanied children who are trying to build their future in comfort away from their country, family and loved ones, in foreign countries with different customs, traditions and languages, where everything is new.

Children like Amal are symbols of strength and patience, symbols of steadfastness towards the problems and dangers they have to face in such young ages, although they are physically and psychologically tired.

All I wish for these little heroes is to be safe in the hands of caring people, who will take care of them with warmth and tenderness and respect their rights without question! I hope my message will travel all over the world! ❤️


Children all over the world should receive the same treatment, regardless of the country they come from and the reason they left it. We must stop discrimination and spread love among all people even if they are from different countries. We should provide them with protection, care and all the support and services children need in order to succeed in life. ❤️❤️


I know what a refugee child feels because I am living with them. A child is a child even if they are refugees or not, regardless of their departure from their home and their country and the fact that they didn’t experience childhood in the place where they were born.

I was hoping to change people first, because their mentality and thinking are what pushed children to be victims. A child is like a painting asking you for the necessary colors, pencils and brushes to draw and live a complete life.

A child means an innocent soul. A pure and clean heart.

Childhood… a story of a dream, a poem of hope. Reality has no truth in it, if a child doesn’t live in safety.


If I could change something in this world for refugee children, I would allow them to stay in Europe and would not send them back to their countries. They have been through many difficulties like long wars and disasters and now, they are here to create their future and start a new life. Εveryone deserves a chance to live in peace.


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