THE WALK: a festival of hope for unaccompanied minors

Little Amal, a young refugee from Syria, sets upon her journey to what seems impossible, a new life under advantageous conditions. How could this special trip look like? THE WALK comes to give an answer to this question.

THE WALK is a global cultural moving festival under the artistic direction of Amir Nizar Zuabi, which follows Little Amal’s journey, a 3.5-meter puppet doll, constructed by French theatre group “Good Chance”, in collaboration with the world-famous Handspring Puppet Company. The festival aims to raise awareness about the refugee issue and the adventures and needs of millions of displaced unaccompanied minors.

Artists from all over the world, cultural and humanitarian organizations are cooperating and supporting Amal’s 8.000 kilometer journey from Syria to the UK, which symbolizes the journey of displaced children from all over the world in search of a better life.

Specifically, in every place Amal arrives, different cultural events will take place, like theatrical plays, dance shows, concerts and other interactive activities. That way, through the power of Art, which does not see borders and connects people, THE WALK wants to pass on the message: “Don’t Forget About Us!”.

Furthermore, with the support of educators – collaborators of THE WALK, schools in different places will have the ability to organize various activities. Hence, students will have the opportunity to get in touch with a series of issues connected to the refugee issue, like climate change, cultural exchange, history and geography.

THE WALK In Greece

Little Amal crosses Europe’s borders and reaches Chios island on August 9th, where a music group will welcome her, while the next day a public screening of short films that have been created by refugee children living in Chios will follow.

Coming up, Little Amal passes through Ioannina, Kalabaka, Trikala, Larissa and on September 1st arrives in Attica. During this tour, at the places Little Amal stops, traditional music shows and interactive events with the participation of the locals and the refugee communities will take place.

Then, from September 1st to September 5th Little Amal will be in Elefsina, Athens and Piraeus. One of the biggest events that will take place in Athens is “The City and its Labyrinth”, a collaboration between Kinitiras Network for Performing Arts, UNIMA Hellas and the City of Athens. On September 2nd people from all over the city will create a march, following Little Amal’s thread heading to Technopolis, in order to help Amal face Minotaur, the famous mythical creature.

For more information about THE WALK, the events and how to participate visit:

Photo by Bevan Roos
Photo by Nick Wall
Photo by Bevan Roos
Photo by Joag van Rooyen
Photo by Nick Wall

Malena Katsiamboula

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