“Modern Family”: A series that made my family bond grow stronger

“Modern Family” is a sitcom featuring three modern families from California, that try to deal with their kids, spouses and jobs in their own unique way, often ending up in hilarious situations. With Sofía Vergara, a Colombian-American actress, as Gloria Delgado Pritchett, Sarah Hyland, an American actress and singer, as Haley Dunphy and Julie Bowen, as Claire Dunphy, this series lasted a whole decade, with 11 seasons and 250 episodes. Its first episode aired on September 23th, 2009. In every episode the family deals with a different situation, but in the end they support each other no matter what.

You might wonder why I am writing about it and why it is so important. When I was 9 years old, I watched the very first episode of “Modern Family” with my family. We all sat together in front of the television to watch it totally absorbed and laughing. But now I have just finished watching season 11, the last of the series, without my family, which made me feel down and brought tears to my eyes. The time, when growing up, that I watched this series surrounded by people who love me is no more!

This series made me feel connected with my family. We support each other in any complicated situationwe make group video calls to ask one another for guidance and suggestions, we share everything, because we trust each other. And that is what makes families special in their unique way. There are a lot of different ways for a family to form and grow, like finding interests you did not know you shared, or finding new challenges to embark on together, but it takes a lot of time and effort. That’s family.  

“Modern Family” shows that no matter how far away your family is, it will give you the strength you need on your arduous journey towards your destination. In this series they always say: “the hero in my family is my family, because of who we are together. I would highly recommend watching “Modern Family”, which is available on online platforms. 

Family first. Always. 

“Modern Family”
TV Series (2009-2020)
Rating of 8.4/10 
Number of seasons: 11 | Number of episodes: 250 

Morteza Rahimi