Photo by Eurokinissi/ Stelios MIsinas

Sweet dreams!

Sleep my pretty little baby, sleep in your mother’s arms – the safest place in the world! Sweet dreams!

Sleep well and close your eyes to the people passing by Victoria Square – to their eyes that sometimes are filled with hatred and xenophobia and others full of compassion and mercy. Their mouths are covered, otherwise the mockery that comes out unconsciously and is hidden behind the masks, would be one more torment for you.

Sleep and say a prayer for the children in Beirut. But no, you are so little that you don’t even know where Beirut is. How could you possibly know what has happened there? I will tell you only one thing, the elders named her “The bride of the Middle East”!

Oh, but I forget that you are so young, that you don’t know where the Middle East is. It is a place where war is routine and thousands of people are being killed every day. But really, you don’t even know what war is! Probably when your mother was pregnant with you, left to protect you and find a better future for you. She became a refugee.

Sleep well and listen to your mother’s lullaby:
“Sleep well, your sleep is flawless

The flowers of the moonlight have a thousand colors
Don’t wake up from your fairytale dreams
Don’t step into the city of despair

Sleep well, your mother’s eyes are wide awake.
Your mother won’t leave your side.
She loves you, she loves you”

I saw your feeding bottle next to your mother and I reckon that the milk won’t last until tonight for you to eat. Really, have they cut your allowance already? I don’t know if you will have milk to drink for the night or not, but for this I am sure: Your mother loves you, as she sings in her lullaby.

I also have a serious question: What were these people thinking? They just wanted the headlines of the newspapers and websites to write that they were going to transfer the refugees from the hell of Moria camp to the mainland. But they never cared about the cuts to the benefits of thousands of refugees that may not be able to feed their children.

Sleep and close your eyes to the cruelties of this world. Sleep and hope for a future, where better laws will be established and everyone will have a better tomorrow.

Sleep but do not forget to ask your mother to tell you stories from the days we are living now. Don’t be afraid to listen to these stories. Take this picture, frame it and hang it on the wall. Somewhere that you can see it often, so that you don’t forget what you have been through. Of course Moria, Victoria Square, coronavirus and the heatwave of Athens will make you a stronger person in the future!

Sleep well and don’t forget!

If you become a politician or a lawmaker in the future, don’t forget to take into consideration how the laws you make affect people’s lives. If you become a teacher, teach your students to respect human rights and equality. If you become a police officer, know that migration is not a crime and should not be punished with bludgeons and teargas! Don’t forget, if you become a doctor, that the cure of the wounds that are not visible, might be understanding. Don’t forget these days, cause that way you will be able to stand by someone poor and help without waiting for something in return. You will be able to be a good person for the society that welcomes you. Just don’t forget!

Sleep well my little love on your light blue pillow, that looks like the light blue sky, the symbol of peace. Sleep well. Your mother loves you!

Mahdiah Hossaini