We care, we dream, we hope!

Last April, we celebrated the fourth anniversary of our newspaper and one whole year since the launch of our website, migratorybirds.gr. Looking back on this journey, we see experiences we never imagined, goals and dreams that have been fulfilled, strong friendships, and the Migratory Birds’ family growing bigger and bigger.

These experiences have made us stronger and we are ready to continue. As we have always done, we observe what is going on around us and we are troubled. But we don’t lose hope. We care about what is happening and we won’t stop writing about it.

In the 21st issue of Migratory Birds, we write about war and its consequences on people that are forced to take part in it, and we send a letter to other planets to encourage them to fight againt the problems that we, humans, have created on Earth. We focus on the island of Tilos, that views the refugee crisis as an opportunity, and we discuss this with its Mayor. We also write about the rise in police brutality, which has occasionally cost human lives, and we call on all youth to raise their voices together, to stand up against racism and fight for equality and justice.

We meet the Iranian footballer, Karim Ansarifard, who plays for AEK F.C., and we ask him who he thinks is the best football player, and what he thinks about women who play football. We consider the role of the Internet in our lives today, highlighting how important it is to use it cautiously, and we discover what is going on in Antarctica, which is turning into the new field of international conflict. We dedicate two pages to poems we wrote to express our feelings and concerns, while on the last page of the issue we present some thoughts and images on the issue of human trafficking.

We continue to dream and strive for a better world, and our newspaper will always be one of the means we will use to fight for it!

Migratory Birds