Artwork by Razeyeh Husseini

20 things we will never forget from publishing 20 issues of Migratory Birds

  1. Sitting at night in front of our tent in the camp, preparing our articles.
  2. Sitting in a café, discussing the name of the newspaper and ending up unanimously with “Migratory Birds”
  3. Inviting new members to the team by going from door to door in the camp.
  4. The publication of the first issue, on April 2017! The biggest achievement was that we managed to change the minds of Afghan men about what women can do, because the initial team was a girls’ team.
  5. The first time a boy and a girl from Afghanistan co-authored an article.
  6. The day we visited the printing house and held our 6th issue while it was still warm.
  7. Celebrating every time a new member writes their first article.
  8. Going to the Schoolwave Festival 2018 to enjoy live music, take pictures with the bands and interview them for our 10th issue.
  9. Our editorial meetings, discussing, expressing different opinions and working together around the big table, at the Network for Children’s Rights’ Youth Centre.
  10. Presenting our newspaper at Panteion University, Athens, as part of the 2nd CODES Workshop, in October 2018.
  11. Receiving praise from the Women’s Literary Team for our newspaper, in December 2018.
  12. Interviewing the candidates for Mayor of Athens in May 2019 for our 13th issue.
  13. Our happiness every time we hold a new issue in our hands!
  14. The event “Migratory Birds that are here to stay: Experience, Challenges, Perspective” in October 2019 at iMEdD, which was dedicated to our newspaper.
  15. Constantly meeting new members and then having to say “goodbye” when they leave for family reunification. But still, after they’ve left, feeling that we will always be members of the same team.
  16. Tasting traditional dishes from different countries in order to write about them in our 17th issue.
  17. Learning that people use our newspaper in many ways apart from reading it, such as for crafting, for learning foreign languages or as a tool in psychotherapy.
  18. Launching our website,, in 2020!
  19. Our relationship as a team. We are like best friends, like a big family. The older members help the new ones, we trust each other, and when some of us meet by chance somewhere else, like in other projects or events, we know that we have someone looking out for us.
  20. Counting down until the start of our online editorial meetings, during the lockdown in 2020!

Migratory Birds

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